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Wise Minds is a therapeutic group designed to address some of the various forms of loss experienced within the elderly population. It will enhance the ability to function mentally and emotionally through the experience of loss of independence, loss of loved ones, loss of physical ability, and much more. Skills such as basic technology use, navigating the community with modified independence, and exposure to community resources will be established as a means of empowering the participants. The overall goal is to address how the various experiences impact mental healthiness and intervene with evidenced based clinical knowledge.


Goals and Objectives

Learn coping strategies, self-awareness, and increase psychological mindedness

Learn to navigate technology and resources within the advancing community

Provide an outlet to process thoughts and feelings with peers


Throughout the lifespan there are milestone markers that allow for the feeling of self fulfillment that are instrumental in how we evaluate our quality of life. The elderly population in general marks a time in life dedicated to reflection and unfortunately the reality of loss of independence (Lane & Munday, 2017). Depending on the individual’s ability to be resilient, this may bring up thoughts and feelings that have an adverse effect on mental wellness. Within the literature on gerontology in social science, the use of Erikson’s psycho-social stages, in particular ego integrity vs. despair, as a foundation for therapeutic support and intervention has had some positive impact on the quality of life during the later years. This theoretical approach focuses on processing the various transitions experienced later in life, and promotes the development of appropriate coping skills that impact overall wellness (Lane & Munday, 2017).

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