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Mind Management Institute, Inc. values the role of motherhood and its impact on the development of the child and within themselves as women. A study completed by Dimidjian et. al (2016) supports the idea that mindfulness training can assist mothers by reducing the amount of depressive symptoms experienced. MMI believes in the power of mental healthiness and would like to assist mothers who may be suffering in silence.


Goals and Objectives

        Educate mothers on the biological/environmental factors that contribute to mental health (specifically PPD)

        Assist mothers in developing effective and appropriate coping skills

        Provide mothers with resources, support, community, and access to mental health services


Many women do not receive any professional treatment after giving birth until six weeks postpartum. Even with a scheduled six-week postpartum visit, many women are unable to have all of their post-delivery needs met completely, putting them at risk of experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress (Tully et al, 2017). Providing information and resources about recovery during the postpartum phase appears to be a part of best practice in addressing postpartum issues that contribute to PPD.

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