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Shop Talks

Mind Management recognizes the important role of the man in families, relationships, and community. Our society has taught our men they are NOT allowed to feel and we’d like to challenge this notion. WE believe masculinity also includes being balanced and strong on all levels including mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This group will allow men to explore among peers how to redefine masculinity and heal themselves through developing coping skills and a village of leaders. The goal of Shop Talks is to support the healing and growth of men and boys in our community. Clinical themes will include Life Skills Acquisition and Development, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, as well as Sex & Relationship Counseling.


Goals and Objectives
Educating and encouraging effective expression of individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

Identifying 1-3 challenges that threaten a man’s quality of life

Identify 1-3 positive realities that makes a man proud and improves his quality of life


The community has an increased need to provide various entities to effectively engage men in their mental health care. In examining the effectiveness of various mental wellness interventions geared towards men, 92% of the men involved reported positive changes in their mental health (Seaton et al 2017). There is support in the literature that identify the phenomenon that men are more prone to having difficulties identifying and describing emotion, being self-aware of emotion, and the ability to understand interpersonal relatedness (Levant et al., 2009; Laurent et al., 2013). This is why we take a mindfulness approach to working through the various aspects of what it means to identify as a man, as well as addressing some of the sex specific differences in understanding relationships and the relatedness.

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