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Community Connection


Community Connection is a decade of partnership with Mind Management Institute and the Davenport University Nursing Department that teaches community nursing in a unique and passion-filled way. The program connects students participating in the Community Nursing Course to local community organizations to complete their capstone project. The students complete a needs assessment on-site with the organization and their target population and then using the information obtained from their respective communities to present the information creatively and understandably for the organization to keep and use as long as they like.


Health & Wellness Director Tracy Lane, MSN, RN, CRRN, is pictured here with her 2019 Class of Davenport University Community Nursing Students at COPE Psychiatric Center. Students provided 100s of resources for the staff to utilize, and they were all active and servicing Wayne county consumers! The program truly allows nursing students to explore how their roles as nurses may require more than NCLEX knowledge to serve the communities who need it the most.

Organization applications to apply open along with the next community orientation meeting, which will be held in December 2022.

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