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Internship Training 


A part of being a good clinician is becoming a gatekeeper to the field. Mind Management Institute LOVES to educate especially about mental health. The best gifts we can give to the community are thoroughly trained clinicians who will eventually become the change agents they need to propel into mental healthiness.

The Counseling/Mental Health Intern will gain practical work experience in the area of counseling, behavioral health, and social human services. Intern positions support the promotion of individual growth in the clients and guests of Mind Management Institute through Outreach, Psychoeducation, Psychotherapy, Case Management and Accountability.


Supervision is one of the most important aspects of developing as a clinician. We like to allow growing clinicians the space to grow into their therapeutic personality and style in a safe informative environment. Currently, we are accepting LLPCs and LLMSWs for clinical supervision. Supervision is offered free of charge for those limited licensed clinicians who are willing to complete therapeutic work for Mind Management Institute. For more information, click the link below. 


Don’t have the time in your schedule to work with Mind Management? No worries! We offer supervision for a low cost. For group supervision (Up to 8 clinicians), $30 per session and individual supervision for $20 per session.

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